Nothing On

from by Ruth Theodore



this morning is beautiful
but its got nothing on the memory of you
coiled around my skeleton
loosening my bones with every breath
nothing’s on not the radio not the t.v
its just you and me and the sound of our thoughts
all ‘i’m nearly back and i’m sorry’

but they’ve got nothing on us

i raise my hand to shade my eyes
from the morning sunlight that seems so bright
i raise my hand to shade my eyes
that are still used to the night
and i forget what we found so funny
but i know it was at the time
and i wonder who the the punch-line
was it yours or was it mine?
my laughter dies down as i feel
your warn lips on my neck
and i reach out and light up
my morning cigarette
and i am praying that you will remember
cause i won’t forget

that they’ve got nothing on us

but i understand that you had to write the ending
and all of the above is me simply pretending

that they’ve still got nothing on us


from Worm Food, released November 5, 2007
All words, music and arrangement by Ruth Theodore.




Ruth Theodore London

New record 'Cactacus', produced by Todd Sickafoose, release 23rd September 2016!

Ruth taught herself guitar as a busker, going on to share a stage with award winning artists such as Ani Difranco, Chastity Brown, Nick Harper. Releasing 5 records to date receiving high praise from The Guardian, BBC Radio3 & BBC6music.
Ruth can also be found playing crazy eastern european Violin in dark corners.
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