from by Ruth Theodore



resting on a torn down billboard
collecting fumes to fuel my afternoon
resting on a torn down billboard
collecting fumes to fuel my afternoon
and i can hear the half-hearted cries
of the guy at the counter with the wonky eye
selling meals to the McCouple in the 4wheel drive
McThis Mcthat and some McMcMcFries

cause we don’t buy products now we buy brands
putting another gold ring on the big man’s hands
but the big man can’t sleep and can’t sleep cause he knows
there’s an ever bigger man with bells on his toes
rings on his fingers and bells on his toes
but does he have music wherever he goes

cause now we’re packaging and labeling and branding
the industrial diaphragm is over-expanding
its oozing and bulging
and slowly a new form of hell is unfolding

and somewhere along the line we’ve created the rush hour
where we can’t all fit in cause the streets are too thin
and the big man in the big car shouts
“ok coming through everybody breathe in”
and then i realise i’ve been breathing in my whole life
scared to exhale
knowing my next breath won’t be as pure as my last
or maybe i’m scared that my next breath will be my last

and it seems to me in this day and age
you have to pay to reach that stage
its a hundred pounds for a priest
another eighty on that for the headstone at least
and we die in the hope that the after-life will be free
but we’re stopped by the guy on the door
cause there’s a five pound entry fee

and I want to make sure i’ve spent my last five pounds
i like the idea of just floating around
and getting the big man in the big car
to breathe in


from Worm Food, released November 5, 2007
All words, music and arrangement by Ruth Theodore.




Ruth Theodore London

New record 'Cactacus', produced by Todd Sickafoose, release 23rd September 2016!

Ruth taught herself guitar as a busker, going on to share a stage with award winning artists such as Ani Difranco, Chastity Brown, Nick Harper. Releasing 5 records to date receiving high praise from The Guardian, BBC Radio3 & BBC6music.
Ruth can also be found playing crazy eastern european Violin in dark corners.
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