from Worm Food by Ruth Theodore



you could be a mansion on a mountain top
a mobile home or a card-board box
when your skin and bones
are about to be somebodies


3 or 4 months more
of no more than just
keeping it in the pipe-line
you know the drill you know the signs
still sometimes you recite them
line by line
when your skin and bones
are about to be somebodies


but when its someone else’s war
without a seconds thought
you can be caught short
and this is someone else’s life line
brute forced through shattered doors
to splintered floors
people calling 999

and you still feel
you feel like home
you feel
you feel like



from Worm Food, released November 5, 2007
All words, music and arrangement by Ruth Theodore.




Ruth Theodore UK

Ruth established her own unique sound and signature guitar style whilst busking in doorways on detuned guitars. Since then Ruth has gone on to tour and sing alongside legendary artists such as Ani Difranco, Dar Williams, Nick Harper & Hamell On Trial. Ruth has collaborated with award winning producer Todd Sickafoose & released four critically acclaimed records to date. ... more

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